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Frequently Asked:

Why have a house that can rotate?
Well, why not? It was an idea that grew and grew and finally became a reality. The shape of the house and the rooms are large, interesting and really user friendly...

What they said...

  • What a Masterpiece..Sheer Genius..would not expect anything less from you Luke..!
    Collee Chappell
  • Through my work, I have been associated with two wheelchair bound musicians, Jim Conway and Arne Hannah. This experience has acutely raised my awareness as to the problems they have with usual facilities. Since we are building from scratch, it has taken very little effort to make the design an absolute delight in their eyes.
    Luke Everingham
  • "Congratulations! I'm talking about the sheer audacity of the original concept and what I had considered the almost impossibly close tolerances you had to achieve in the construction of a dwelling of this size. It is nothing short of amazing to me that, in a circular platform of such diameter, you managed to keep the circumference on such a consistently level plane. This was always, in my estimation, the principal challenge of the design. Yet you have met that challenge brilliantly. I'm more than amazed; I'm truly, deeply impressed."
    R Bruning

Environmentally friendly, rotated living!

The Everingham Rotating House is situated approximately 40 kilometres from Wingham NSW, in the hinterland of the Manning Valley on the Nowendoc River, comprising pristine rapids and deep water with mountains rising directly above the river.

Built largely of glass and steel, and powered by an electric motor “not much bigger than a washing machine motor”, the Everingham Rotating House is a brilliant testimonial to the ingenuity of its owner/builders. It also encapsulates many aspects of ecologically sound building principles, such as optimising natural light and heat, while rotating 360° to take advantage of sunshine and shade at different times of the day and year.

Why a rotating house?

The idea was born when our neighbours were expounding the virtues of their new home and commented that if they could start again they would orientate the house 15 degrees more to the north.

Deb said, "Wouldn’t it be handy to have a house that could move?"

Did you know?

... to build an Everingham Rotating House™ it is comparable in cost to building a conventional house of similar size and level of appointment.